Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Preparation For The Heat

I wiggled out of some work today in order to recheck coordinates for my caches along the W&OD in advance of the Hot, Hot, Hot! event coming on Sunday. Everything was looking ship shape, and I had some company at one of my favorite cache placements: One For Dave.

As I rode up, a black rat snake peeped out of the stone face and regarded me with interest. We both agreed that the summer had been a hot one, which he didn't mind so much, and he watched as I climbed right next to him for the cache check. We visited a bit longer, and then I had to hit the road for home while he continued to relax in the shade. It's always a nice surprise when you have company at a cache, know what I mean?

Here is the cache guardian at One For Dave. No need to fear... these snakes are harmless!

Friday, September 23, 2005

A Night At The Great Frederick Fair

Nightengale and I look forward to the Great Frederick Fair every year with simmering anticipation. The night air, the smells of carnival food and the dirt track, the shrieking of kids on crazy rides, the incessant cries of carnies hawking games of chance - we just love it! For me, the memories of county fairs gone by are reborn each fall and I truly enjoy sharing these times with my daughter.

We had two of Nightengale's friends from school along for the evening, and due to some light sprinkles at dusk we pretty much had the place to ourselves! Right off the bat we scored corn dogs, pizza, funnel cakes and other assorted delicacies (thank the gods for pepcid!) and the kids purchased unlimited ride bracelets. You know what that means! They ran themsleves to exhaustion trying to do every thrill ride on the midway, and I had a great time watching. For my part, I revisited my personal favorites: the Himalaya and the Scrambler. Using our FRS radios, I let the young ladies wander the rides (13 is the age when cheesing around with your friends is a big deal, after all) while I contented myself with the agricultural displays and draught horse pulling.

We reunited at various times throughout the evening, and as we made our way back home to Virginia at midnight I was humming along to the radio - my 3 audience members were sound asleep in the back seat. Mission accomplished!

They say that you can't go back... but that sure hasn't ever stopped me from trying!

This ride was the hit of the evening - I think Nightengale rode this one at least 10 times...

Nightengale and her friends get ready for round 5 (or was it 6?) on The Tornado.

No way. Not me! There ain't no way you're strapping my middle aged carcass in THAT thing!

WEEEE! The kids are up in that rotating arm of sheer madness - more power to 'em!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Day With The Washington Post

Nightengale and I were contacted recently by a reporter for the Washington Post who is doing an article about geocaching. We decided to meet up today at the Starbucks in town and had a very pleasant chat with our new friend. Shortly after we refreshed ourselves with coffee drinks, our friend made his first find: SBUX 10. To give him a fair sampling of the different types of caches and caching experiences that are available, we headed out to Rust Sanctuary where our intrepid reporter made finds ranging from micros to ammo cans, with a couple of surprises in between!

We aren't sure when the article will run, but I'll post it when it does. The photos below were taken by Nightengale, who is really developing a great eye for composition!

This heron was the highlight of our visit to the pond at Rust Sanctuary. Photo: Nightengale

A view of the fields at Rust Sancturay. Photo: Nightengale

One of our favorite trees at Rust Sanctuary. Photo: Nightengale