Saturday, July 09, 2005

MGS July Meet & Greet

This was a fantastic day for caching, and I was happy to be back on the trail not only on the hunt, but in the company of some great friends!

Upon arrival, I dropped off my contribution of hot dogs for the grill and then proceeded to plunder the fantastic buffet along with my fellow cachers. There really was some high quality chow, and I had two full plates worth!

After lunch, there was short business meeting which was followed by some awards and special recogntion. There were some VIPs in attendance, including Mountain Man - an approver from Atlanta, GA. We all hooted and cheered when CCCooperAgency was given a special award for her recent accomplishment of 10,000 cache finds. I think she shed a tear or two, but it was kind of hard to see because I had something in my eye :)) That was a great kickoff to this day of great caching.

The new hides in the park were very well done, and I even scored a FTF on one of them. Later on, I grouped with CCCA and found the Devil's Pitchfork in a pine forest, which was a very clever (devilish?) hide.

It was a great pleasure seeing my friends Mocadeki, Cache Detectives, Robert, BJ & Snurt, Phideo, Baja Clan, Trevelayn's R&R, and many more. Don't ya just love summertime?

CCCooperAgency was recognized with an award from MGS commemorating her 10,000th find. Robert read a wonderful piece and the crowd went wild as Lynn accepted her plaque and custom made geocaching stick. This was a GREAT way to kick off the event!

CCCooperAgency gives Robert a big hug after the award presentation. I couldn't let Robert hog all the lovin' and managed to get my own big hug from CCCA later on! :)) Congratulations Lynn!

Now THAT is a SWEET smile from Molly, of team Mocadeki. It was worth the drive just for this moment! WOOWOO!

Robert and his assistant pulled tickets during the lottery for WJTBs. I wasn't counting, but it seemed as though about 25 were given out, which made everyone pretty happy.

This is world famous cacher Cache Detectives from Cumberland, MD. Despite her blonde T-Shirt, she is like a bloodhound on the trail - mere mortals don't stand a chance when she's around!

Mountain Man espouses the finer points of geocaching etiquette to a spellbound audience...

Just before Baja Clan and me hit the trail we had some fun with our WJTBs. I gave mine to Cache Detectives because she had driven so far and didn't win one in the lottery.

BajaClan bushwhacks her way through a cornfield - we could have taken a perfectly good trail just 30 feet away, but NO... we LOVE to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!