Thursday, March 31, 2005

Wordfried's Wonderful Ways

I've been meaning to make the trip to Shenandoah County for some time now to see the countryside and hunt the many letterboxes placed by Wordfried. Today it seemed that the stars aligned and I set off for the mountains.

I wasn't disappointed. The terrain is breathtaking and today low clouds were breaking over the ridges, which added a touch of serenity to the scene. Wordfried took me to public parks in small villages, an historic covered bridge, and a hanging suspension bridge that made me feel like Indiana Jones as I made my way across.

Each of the letterboxes is unique, not only as a hide but also because of the hand crafted logbooks inside. The logbooks are beautiful, and they make the cache series intriguing - I just couldn't wait to see what the next one looked like!

There are still a bunch of letterboxes left there for me to find, and that's a good thing. I love that area of Virginia and I look forward to getting back for the rest of these wonderful caches. I'll have to shop around for a stamp to use on my next visit!


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